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Project Meeting in Tarnowskie


 26th-27th SEPTEMBER 2012

The first project meeting  took place in Tarnowskie Gory  from 26th  to 27 th September.
 It was attended by delegations from all schools.
Mengaroni was represented by Alberto Sacco,  M.Roberta Cappelletti and Gabriele Vitali.
The Turkish school was represented by Ayhan Bozdogan (Head of School), Hülya BÖLÜCÜ (art teacher) Tülay third ULU (art teacher)
The Spanish school was represented by Vicente Ruiz, Luis Arquero (art teacher)
The host school was represented by Danka Herman (English teacher).


24th September 2012-   We land at Katowice airport after a short night flight from Forlì.
25th September …morning  We meet  Vicente and Luis from Ciudad Real at the hotel,

Waiting for the Turkish team….

Italy-Spain. It's not a football match!
Alberto and Gabriele                                              
(with Vicente and Luis)
 take the chance
to  visit Czestochowa 
 What about Roberta?
A sightseeing  walk in Tarnowskie and a nice meeting with art students working en plein air  

26th  September- First work session

 A cup of tea before we go?                                           But we mustn’t be late! Pawel is waiting for us!

 In front of the school: it’s time to go to work!


Gift time!

 Visit to the school: classrooms, laboratories and….


….. an amazing  little school museum with precious things from the past

Dreaming of tacos and burritos after a long work session...

27th  September 2012  - 2nd work session

Admiring students’works

                                          Hulya’ s smile    


Arranging the last details of the project schedule …with a nice coffee break and a taste of Polish cakes

 End of the meeting . It was so nice to meet our partners. 
See you in Spain in April 2013!

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