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Comenius project 2012 – 2014
The project “My Hometown S.P.A.C.E” is a partnership between the following European Art  Schools:
Liceo Artistico “F.Mengaroni” –Pesaro – ITALY (Coordinator)
Zespół Szkół Artystyczno-Projektowych - Tarnowskie Góry – POLAND
Escuela de Arte Pedro Almodóvar -Ciudad Real –SPAIN
The acronym of the title "SPACE" (SEARCH, PASSION, AMBITION, CREATIVITY, EUROPE) represents the main concepts of the project. Teachers and students will explore the roots of their city seen as a shared space in which they can express their feelings, passions and ambitions and create the basis to discover the common European cultural heritage.

ITALY - Coordinating school:
Maria Roberta Cappelletti (English Teacher)

Danuta Herman (English Teacher)

Vicente Ruiz Pérez (Headmaster and teacher)

Hülya Bölücü (Art Teacher)

Liceo Artistico “F.Mengaroni” –Pesaro – ITALY (Coordinator)
The origins of the school date back to  1887 when it was founded  as a school of Applied Arts.
In 1921 the school became a vocational school with courses of metalworking, ceramics, woodwork, stucco and decorative painting and also dressmaking, embroidery and home economics. Later it was transformed into a State Art Institute with courses of graphics, architecture, industrial design, fashion, graphics, preservation of cultural heritage, ceramics and metalworking
Since  2010/2011  the Art School has become an Artistic Lyceum.
The lyceum course lasts five years. It is divided into two cycles of two years each  and a fifth year that completes the course.
 After the first two years of school with common subjects, students of "F. Mengaroni"  can choose from among the following courses of study:
figurative arts, architecture and environment, design (industrial design, fashion design), audiovisual and multimedia, graphic design.
From next school year a three-year vocational course will complete the school offer with courses of metalworking and ceramics.
The school is inserted in an economic and social reality characterized by an average and widespread welfare with social problems that are still only marginally affected by the serious problems of intolerance and social disadvantage that characterize the major metropolitan areas. 50% students come  from the urban area but, although much diminished in recent years, there is a strong presence of commuter students,  from the nearby regions or  from the immediate hinterland of towns bordering the town of Pesaro. The  local production  allows a good absorption of professionalism in the field of furnishing and design. The Region and the surrounding areas offer other employment and training opportunities in the artistic field,. Artistic choices often result from hasty evaluation of its educational structure and curriculum, but in recent years is apparent in the new members a stronger motivation and characterization in an artistic sense. Approximately 10%  students are of foreign origin ,from European countries, especially Eastern Europe, and outside Europe. Their  social membership is diverse. Among our students there is a certain number of pupils with special needs and others at risk of dropping out because of problems of learning or integration.
Zespół Szkół Artystyczno-Projektowych - Tarnowskie Góry – POLAND
Zespół Szkół Artystyczno-Projektowych is located in an industrial area of Upper Silesia, Tarnowskie Góry, Poland. The school has a very long (85 year-old) tradition in the local community. For many years it has been educating young people in different types of technical and vocational schools mainly in the fields of sewing and designing clothes. Thanks to the change of the young people's intrests in the future work opportunities, a new types of schools have been created: graphic design and printing technical school as well as secondary art school. The art school offers two fields the students can specialise in: interior design or photography. Besides, they study general figurative arts such as drawing, painting, sculpture, history of art etc. The school is well recognised and respected in the local area. The graphic design technical school provides students with useful skills and prepares them for future working career. The school also offers opportunity for disabled students to get a good profession. Annual fashion shows have been held for several years which have strenghtened the school's good position in town but also in the region. The school is chosen by both very gifted  as well as the students with specific needs, thanks to the positive and encouraging atmosphere created by the teachers. The students come from many neighbouring towns and villages, even outside the Silesia voivodeship , as well from different social backgrounds. They study practical and useful subjects in order to develop professional skills which are very appreciated by the future employers.  
Escuela de Arte Pedro Almodóvar –Ciudad Real - Spain
The Art School offers three different academic levels:
* Secondary school level specialized in arts (Bachillerato de la modalidad de Artes). Our students are between 16 and 19 years old.
* Vocational training in Design in three specialities: "Silk screen printing", "Desktop publishing" and "Interior design".Our
students are at least 16 years old.
* University degree in Graphic desing. Our students are at least 19 years old.
The appropiate level to join to the project is our Secondary school level. Students have subjects as Painting techniques, Drawing or Painting applied to different supports.
The average profile of these students is vocational type and come from different places in our environment and usually do not belong to a  specific social context. The main aim of our students is to be prepared to study Vocational desing or Fine arts degree
Our school is built in Osmaniye in a campus on the road to Fakıusagı. Our school, which consists of music and arts departments, employs 31 teachers. The building of the school consists of administrative  departments, classrooms, art workshops, classrooms for music classes, a library and a computer classroom. There are 115 students in arts department. Students in arts department  receive an academic education from specialised teachers and join many activities that will make them able to develop their creativity. They participate in various arts exhibitions, competitions and festivals inside and outside the school. In addition to the culture classes that are taught at high schools, students receive classes on painting, basic arts, graphics and sculpture workshops, and history of art. Graduate students find the oppotunity of continuing their education at many universities in Turkey and abroad. Arts department covers a wide range from graphic design to industrial design and arts teaching. There are 84 students in music department and in addition to the culture classes, they receive classes on solfège, piano, instruments, orchestra, chorus and music history. Students receive courses on the instrument they choose (piano, guitar, violin, flute). Graduate students can continue their education at many universities in Turkey and abroad.

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