sabato 15 dicembre 2012


Students from each partner school competed in our logo design contest.
They submitted their works to the Graphics teachers of Liceo Artistico Mengaroni which, as coordinating school, selected the four best ones and finally chose the winning design.
The choice was so hard as they were all so good and professional.
And the winner is.........Wyszynski from Zespół Szkół Artystyczno-Projektowych - Tarnowskie Góry – POLAND



The motivation: the logo expresses, in a synthetic and clear way, the central idea of the project: a personal hometown (the city symbol) interpreted in a European context ( all the colours of the partners' national flags) The digital font is a clear reference to the use of IT in the project.

Thanks to all the partecipating students. All the works demonstrate they got the true meaning of the project and their enthusiasm for this "adventure".

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