venerdì 1 febbraio 2013

 three local events/exhibitions in the spirit of our comenius project

Pesaro, the town narrates itself: 


Film documentary about Pesaro, its people and its neighborhoods ...
Past, present and future of a city that is told through the memories and the dreams of its citizens.
PESARO, LA CITTA' SI RACCONTAThe video shows the history of the districts of Pesaro through the voice of its inhabitants: the postman, the  grandpa traffic volunteer, the "vongolara, " the gardener, thus giving more space to everyday people but very well known in their neighborhood.
The work, proposed in two public showings,  was carried out by journalists Elisabetta Ferri, Beatrice Terenzi and Giovanna Marchegiani, who oversaw directing and editing.

"This project wants to show  the most genuine reality of the city and its neighborhoods, passing through the local cultural centers, parishes and numerous local associations - said the Commissioner to Participation and Districts, Andrea Biancani - the theme of this trip is the bicycle, which reveals the city in all its aspects, from the hills  to the sea.
Cinema Astra Pesaro, 29 December 2012
Motoclub Benelli Pesaro, 25 January 2013

"Villino Ruggeri": discovery and restoration 
Thursday, December 6, 2012 at  the auditorium of Palazzo Montani, Arch. Sara Falugiani, designer and director of works, presented Villino Ruggeri restoration and discovery. Decorative and structural interventions .2007-2008 and 2010-2012.
The conversation, accompanied by slide shows, reviewed recent restoration and interesting findings that have arisen.

Working in both the decoration and the structure of the building, whose construction was completed in 1905,  interesting building techniques came to light not only the first experiments in the use of reinforced concrete, but also the use of iron in the  horizontal  beams and  in the roof structure. Other  extraordinary details of real mastery emerged,  as the realization of the entrance stairs, and the revelation of a grit writing on the balcony towards the sea, covered for 40 years.

"Beach bums: baths, lifeguards and sunbathers in XXth century Pesaro 
'Beach bums: baths, lifeguards and sunbathers in XXth century Pesaro' by Cristina Ortolani, sponsored by the Maritime Museum Washington Patrignani and the Association of  Lifeguards  in Pesaro, on the occasion of the third edition of' "The Winter Sea '.
The story of over a hundred years of bathing seasons in the city is punctuated by images, memories and suggestions.
Pesaro 1909_archivio W. Patrignani

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