martedì 8 luglio 2014

My Hometown SPACE: l'evento conclusivo

Alcune immagini dell’ultimo incontro che si è svolto nella nostra scuola a conclusione del partenariato Comenius My Hometown S:P:A:C:E – 2012/14.

Dal 19 al 22 giugno scorso alcuni docenti e capi d’istituto delle scuole partner (oltre al Mengaroni, i licei artistici di Tarnowkie Gory - in Polonia -, Ciudad Real - in Spagna - e Osmanyie - in Turchia -) si sono riuniti per valutare i risultati del progetto e concordare le modalità di realizzazione del libro finale che dovrà raccogliere testi ed immagini relative ai vari momenti ed alle mobilità all'estero svolte nel corso degli ultimi due anni da docenti e allievi di ogni scuola.
Sono stati due anni intensi e impegnativi con tante attività realizzate sia dalle singole scuole che in collaborazione, ma sono stati anche anni entusiasmanti e altamente formativi sia per gli studenti che per gli insegnanti che vi hanno partecipato potendosi confrontare con culture, sistemi scolastici e modalità di insegnamento diversi. E soprattutto è stata l'occasione per tessere rapporti di amicizia e cooperazione sul piano educativo e culturale che ci auguriamo possano nel tempo proseguire per intraprendere nuovi scambi e collaborazioni.
Ecco alcuni dei momenti più HAPPY del progetto Comenius My Hometown S:P:A:C:E

La referente del progetto
Prof.ssa M. Roberta Cappelletti

sabato 5 luglio 2014

Final Project Meeting in Pesaro

Some pictures of the last meeting which was held in our school at the end of the Comenius Partnership My Hometown S: P: A: C: E - 2012/2014.
From 19 to 22 June, some teachers and head teachers of the partner schools, gathered to assess the results of the project and agree on the modalities of implementation of the final book that will collect text and images related to various moments and the mobilities abroad carried out during the past two years by teachers and students of each school.
They were two years of intense and challenging work with lots of activities undertaken both by individual schools and in collaboration, but they were also exciting and highly educational years for both students and teachers who participated, in being able to compare cultures, school systems and different teaching methods. And above all, it was an opportunity to weave relations of friendship and cooperation on the level of education and culture  that we hope will continue with new collaborations and exchanges.

Thanks Danka, for the photos!

domenica 29 giugno 2014

Happy Hometown S.P.A.C.E, the slideshow

Slideshow of the happiest moments in our partnership

February 2012 - Preparatory visit in Tarnowskie Gory - Poland

September 2012 - Project meeting: n Tarnowskie Gory - Poland

April 2013 - Meeting in Ciudad Real - Spain

September 2013 - Meeting in Tarnowskie Gory - Poland

March 2014 - Meeting in Pesaro - Italy 

April 2014 - Meeting in Osmanyie - Turkey

mercoledì 25 giugno 2014

Creativity in Turkey

We will be hosting to 5th meeting of our project ``My Home Town S.P.A.C.E comenius``, we are going to try to capture to spirit of project with creativity, learning different places and cultures. We wellcome our guests and introduce them to volunteer hosting families on 27/04/2014 for the next 7 days. In the morning of second day, we prepare the exhibition space at Cebeli Bereket Kültür center. we started to show our guest to our city, starting with the Karatepe Aslantas castle. Karatepe Aslantas castle built by Asavitavas who present himself emporer of Osmaniye at 8th century B.C. the same years with the Hititte Empire. The Hititte Hieroglyphs are first read here in Osmaniye, with the help of Phoenicia writings. After seeing the castle we visit the Karatepe village where we see weaving of traditional carpets that has the the same creativity spirit with our project.On the third day, between 8.30 and 10.00 we study `Ebru` at school.

venerdì 16 maggio 2014

Turkey Days

April 27th\May3rd. We’ve spent an unforgettable week in Osmaniye, Turkey, as School host of “Abdurrahman Keskiner Guzel Sanathar Lisesi “ of Fine Art School , last step of Comenius project ‘ My home town S.P.A.C.E.

Our Turkish colleagues have welcomed us through an incredible week program where Culture, History, Art, different Languages, delicious Food and the beauty of natural Landscape have pleasantly interlaced in a way beyond any predictable expectation... An exhibition of student’s Art work from all the four countries ( Turkey ,Spain, Poland , Italy) has been settled at “ Cebeli Bereket Culture Center” just close to the Turkish School building. In the same place local students have offered us a very nice concert played by typical musical instruments from their Country. They also danced a popular ritualistic dance people use to perform for wedding celebrations ..
We enjoyed 2 daily school trips visiting the town of Gaziantep, Iskenderun, Antakya ( Antiochia) and admired incredible mosaics found in the site of the ancient town of Zeugma dating back to the 3rd century BC.

We also have been honored in having lunch together with the Film director to whom the Turkish school is named.  We all have come back home with a richer and wider sense of identity as Italian.
Thank you!

martedì 6 maggio 2014

Rossini is back! Docufilm on the life of "the Swan of Pesaro"

Pesaro, 6 May 2014, a carriage moves slowly on the seafront in Pesaro, on a spring day morning. On board  Gioacchino Rossini, also called the Swan of Pesaro, in his late years, taking  a surreal and imaginary journey back in time, revisiting, on a single day the places he knew and loved in his hometown,

giovedì 24 aprile 2014

Were older times better?

Here you are a photographic secuence in that we can observe first of all the primitive city town hall placed in the same square but in a different location. Next the old city hall building.

The 3th and 4th photos belongs to a time when the building was being demolished.  The picture by Manuel Herrera Piña (1934-2007), a press photograph, was shot in 1975 during the Holy week. You can observe the religious procession and it's been recently released in the facebook page Manuel Herrera Piña that is managed by his son.

The current City Hall is located in the Plaza Mayor. It was built in 1976 by the Madrid architect Fernando Higueras, imitating the typical municipalities of the Netherlands.


Ciudad Real MHT SPACE presentation

This is our video showed in the presentations' Schools during the meetings in the Arts' Schools partners.

NOTE: We forgot show this video in our las meeting in Pesaro because we didn't donwload to the computer. Please, excuse us.

venerdì 11 aprile 2014

Pesaro still on my mind...

Polish student's memories...
Comenius project is a new way to discover other cultures. Pesaro, 'the City of 6M', where we spent the whole week offers many atractions for everybody. There's a lot of cultural places to see like Musei Civici, which exhibition made a big impression on me, the private music school called Rossini's Conservatory of Music, where we listened to  a marvelous classical compositions played by students of these school. Also you can go to a cinemas (there are 3 in this city!),
galleries, theatres etc. we went to the Teatro Sperimentale, where we saw an exhibition of Pinocchio artworks made by graphic students of Liceo Artistico Mengaroni, and we also saw an amazing play about Pinocchio also. It was a modern ballet performance, which contained free interpretation of Italian tale about wooden puppet who wanted to became a real boy.  

In Pesaro there are a lot places you can spend a wonderful time! You can go hiking in the mountains, walk along the sea shore, enjoy searching for the most beautiful shells on the beach. You can eat the best ice cream near the promenade or walk to the harbour to admire boats floating in bay's water, like in old movies or paintings. If you want to take a break from noise of the streets you can walk to the town's park Villa Miralfiore'   to take a rest under the canopy of ivy or vine.