mercoledì 25 giugno 2014

Creativity in Turkey

We will be hosting to 5th meeting of our project ``My Home Town S.P.A.C.E comenius``, we are going to try to capture to spirit of project with creativity, learning different places and cultures. We wellcome our guests and introduce them to volunteer hosting families on 27/04/2014 for the next 7 days. In the morning of second day, we prepare the exhibition space at Cebeli Bereket Kültür center. we started to show our guest to our city, starting with the Karatepe Aslantas castle. Karatepe Aslantas castle built by Asavitavas who present himself emporer of Osmaniye at 8th century B.C. the same years with the Hititte Empire. The Hititte Hieroglyphs are first read here in Osmaniye, with the help of Phoenicia writings. After seeing the castle we visit the Karatepe village where we see weaving of traditional carpets that has the the same creativity spirit with our project.On the third day, between 8.30 and 10.00 we study `Ebru` at school.
We open the exhibition at 10.30. After opening we wacthed all slideshow  for `creativity` from every country. we went to the Osmaniye Univercity, after meeting with the professors we saw their authentic, creative ceramic works. At the end of the day we went to the city museum and saw some wax sculptures ans plastic works.We went to Gaziantep that is another city close to us on the fourth day. We visited to Zeugma museum which is currently biggest mosaic museum in the world and has some pieces of  old Poseidon and Euphrates villas. In this museum there is a sculpture of the God of war Mars(Ares) and on the walls there are mosaics that found from Zeugma rescue excavations. On the second floor there are sepulchers. After seeing the Zeugma Museum we went to the bazaar of coppersmiths and  market where antiques, objets d'arts, jewelry, etc. are sold end we gave some free time to our guests to discover antiques bazaars.On the fifth day we went to another neighbour city Antakya, Antakya is the one of the oldest city in history and been capitols to a lot of great civilizations. We spent one hour in Iskenderun at the beatifull coast. We arrived the Antakya. Antakya is a place that a lot of people with different religions live together peacefully, and from that we call that Antakya is a place where all the people from different religions are brother and sister. Also the city has historical significance for Christianity, as it was the place where the followers of Jesus Christ were called `Christians` for the first time. The city and its massive walls also played an important role during the Crusades. So we went to the church of St. Peter where the followers of Jesus Chirst name theirself `Christians`. And we went to the mosaic museum of Antakya and they have the second biggest pieces of mosaic arts. Most of the mosaics came from Rome and Byzantine era. And the mosaic symbolize mythological characters and incidents. And there is a one added room for the Sidamara type of sarcophagus. Antakya has a very othantic bazaar called long bazaar, we let our guests to discover long bazaar for a while. After that we went to Harbiye where is a very famous Daphne city of anthique ages. According to legend son of Zeus, the god of light saw Daphne near the river and fell in love with her, and wants to talk with her. But after she understood that she starts to run away and she say ``Mother nature please cover me, protect me`` and then she turns into a tree. And after that people believe that the waterfalls of Harbiye coming from her tears. At Seleucus era, Daphne was a big and gergeous city with the stadiums, temples, castles but after big eartquakes there nothing left.  On friday between 8.30 and 11.00 when our teachers collecting their paintings from exhibition, we study on the walls about creativity and spaces with students. After we collected the exhibition, we ate some traditional meals and cakes. And we organize a traditional night show. And we involved this night with our guests and share good memories together while introducing our culture to them. And on saturday we see off our guests and finish the fifth meeting of our project.


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