venerdì 16 maggio 2014

Turkey Days

April 27th\May3rd. We’ve spent an unforgettable week in Osmaniye, Turkey, as School host of “Abdurrahman Keskiner Guzel Sanathar Lisesi “ of Fine Art School , last step of Comenius project ‘ My home town S.P.A.C.E.

Our Turkish colleagues have welcomed us through an incredible week program where Culture, History, Art, different Languages, delicious Food and the beauty of natural Landscape have pleasantly interlaced in a way beyond any predictable expectation... An exhibition of student’s Art work from all the four countries ( Turkey ,Spain, Poland , Italy) has been settled at “ Cebeli Bereket Culture Center” just close to the Turkish School building. In the same place local students have offered us a very nice concert played by typical musical instruments from their Country. They also danced a popular ritualistic dance people use to perform for wedding celebrations ..
We enjoyed 2 daily school trips visiting the town of Gaziantep, Iskenderun, Antakya ( Antiochia) and admired incredible mosaics found in the site of the ancient town of Zeugma dating back to the 3rd century BC.

We also have been honored in having lunch together with the Film director to whom the Turkish school is named.  We all have come back home with a richer and wider sense of identity as Italian.
Thank you!

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