venerdì 11 aprile 2014

Pesaro still on my mind...

Polish student's memories...
Comenius project is a new way to discover other cultures. Pesaro, 'the City of 6M', where we spent the whole week offers many atractions for everybody. There's a lot of cultural places to see like Musei Civici, which exhibition made a big impression on me, the private music school called Rossini's Conservatory of Music, where we listened to  a marvelous classical compositions played by students of these school. Also you can go to a cinemas (there are 3 in this city!),
galleries, theatres etc. we went to the Teatro Sperimentale, where we saw an exhibition of Pinocchio artworks made by graphic students of Liceo Artistico Mengaroni, and we also saw an amazing play about Pinocchio also. It was a modern ballet performance, which contained free interpretation of Italian tale about wooden puppet who wanted to became a real boy.  

In Pesaro there are a lot places you can spend a wonderful time! You can go hiking in the mountains, walk along the sea shore, enjoy searching for the most beautiful shells on the beach. You can eat the best ice cream near the promenade or walk to the harbour to admire boats floating in bay's water, like in old movies or paintings. If you want to take a break from noise of the streets you can walk to the town's park Villa Miralfiore'   to take a rest under the canopy of ivy or vine.

Pesaro has everything to be an ideal city. It's quite big, lies between river Foglia, sea and mountains, has a very interesting history, many cultural places to see also very good shops and restaurants. From Pesaro comes the greatest people like for e.g. the illustator Mara Cerri, or the famous composer Gioacchio Rossini, author of the Overture of William Tell.

Pesaro is very different than Polish cities I have seen. Unforgettable narrow streets in centre of city, antic pieces of city walls, the smell o fresh sea's air, the taste of healthy Italian food, evening time when all citizens go for a walk or meets with friends in the town,  Pomodoro’s sculpture, which is the only golden ball in the world, which is also a fountain.

About 3 km from the city is Gradara, the little town and castle up on a one of green hills of Marche Region.  It's kind of a fairy tale place, somewhere between history and legend, thanks to the tragic love story of Paolo and Francesca, a story which figures in works of Dante or Boccaccio. Our group have visited this place and admire amazing interior and exterior of Gradara's castle.

You can visit also other beautiful cities lying near the Pesaro. The location of this town is very universal, you can take a trip to Rimini, Florence, Milano, Venice or Urbino. Comenius students and teachers visited   the last one. We saw the part of the city and Palazzo Ducale - Galleria Nazionale delle Marche. Inside of a gallery we saw e.g. masterpieces by Raffaello Santi or Pierro Della Francesca. This trip would be more successful if didn’t rain for whole day. The city made a big impression, because it is the pearl of renaissance and is built on high walls, which need to be reached by stairs or elevator, if you want to see the centre of town.

The school of Liceo Artistico Mengaroni, which was a centre of our artistic expressions, is very kind and open place to develop and explore talents and search for art. Every group of foreigner students took part in workshops of graphic, serigraphy and ceramic. In my opinion the serigraphy was the best of them, because I spent a really nice time playing with colors and making an abstract forms of paintings. The school gather many students and very good teachers, also the classrooms have the best equipment. Also there's a lot of specializations that students of Mengaroni can choose, for example graphic, interior design, fashion design, figurative arts, movie and photography etc.

Comenius Project is amazing idea to take a look inside of Italian home. For me it was an unforgettable happy memories. I saw how Italian people spend their whole day, how different from polish is their meal time. They eat breakfast in the morning before the school, at 1 p.m they have a lunch break and it lasts for a few hours. At the evening, on 8 p.m. the whole family gather at one table to eat and spend time with family. I felt very nice at that time, because I felt like a family member, important for family, which guest me in their home. It was amazing. For Italian people the food is probably the most important thing in whole day time. I've eaten a lot of delicious traditional dishes for e.g. kind of pancake called Piadina, tiramissu cake, some kinds of different spaghetti, fried zucchini with potatoes or bread and also a special pizza from Pesaro called Pizza Rossini. It's a simple margarita pizza enriched by boiled eggs and handmade mayonnaise. It's looks strange, but the taste is soo delicious that I'm going to make that pizza in my home. I tasted an Italian vine, made by uncle and grandfather of my Italian friend and it was a way better than a bottle of wine that can be bought in  shops.

 Comenius is a factory of making friendship for a long time, creator of international cooperation and also a modern way of education in spirit of future Europe. Comenius makes it possible to derive experiences from other schools from our continent.  For me the time spent in Pesaro was the time of joy, education and the first kind of that experience in my whole life. I'll never forget this experience. Thank You all so much!
Wojtek Przybylski

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  1. Thank you so much, Wojtek, for your beautiful words. I'm so happy you enjoyed staying here with us.and appreciated the beauties of the place in spite of unfavourable weather. I want to say thanks to you and your friends as well as the Spanish and Turkish kids for being such perfect guests as all the Italian familes have been telling me since you left. I share with you the idea that the true value of such projects goes beyond didactic aims, It concerns the very idea of becoming better people and learn from each other and this is true for students and teachers alike.

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