lunedì 7 aprile 2014

Mobility Week in Pesaro

Liceo Mengaroni  opened its doors to students and teachers from the partner schools of Tarnowskie Gory - Poland - Ciudad Real - Spain - and Osmanyie - Turkey - during their one-week stay in Pesaro for the Comenius project “My Hometown S.P.A.C.E".

Ideally following the path marked by each word of the acronym  S.P.A.C.E (SEARCH, PASSION, AMBITION, CREATIVITY, EUROPE), Mengaroni students developed the traditional definition of Pesaro as the city of 6 Ms (Mare=Sea, Mountains, Maioliche=Ceramics, Music, Mobili=Furniture,  Motors).

The main and perhaps most creative phase of our work has certainly regarded the design of 6 ceramic routes and info panels through the city streets (one for each of the 6Ms) driving  visitors (but also the inhabitants of Pesaro) to discover corners, buildings, streets, museums that communicate or preserve some important pieces of our local history.

The results of this work was presented to the foreign delegations and to the community in the course of a public presentation at the presence of local authorities and institutions like Rotary Club which contributed to the project development. The presentation was also the occasion for the  opening of the exhibition displaying works by each partner school on the theme of the town space according to the idea of ambition.

In the course of the week  the European teams could admire  some landmarks of our hometown and nearby areas.

In particular we visited  Gradara, Urbino, Pesaro’s Musei Civici, Rossini  Conservatory where they  could enjoy a special music performance, the Synagogue with a Renaissance dance performance by Enrica Sabatini dedicated to the talent of Guglielmo Ebreo da Pesaro.
The final event was represented by the fashion show  of dresses and costumes designed and produced by the Department  of Fashion Design of Mengaroni and Zespól Szkol Artystyczno - Projektowych of Tarnowskye Gory in Poland.

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