lunedì 7 ottobre 2013

Third Comenius meeeting in Zespół Szkół Artystyczno-Projektowych in Tarnowskie Góry 23.09.13-27.09.13

This time the project meeting took place in Zespoł Szkół Artystyczno - Projektowych in Tarnowskie Góry.We concentrated this time on the area of PASSION. The whole week was full of different art activities performed passionately by the students and teachers who attended the meeting. The participanting students from Turkey (Osman İlker ÖZGÜL, Halil İbra, him KURTUL, Mehmet ERDOĞAN , Ferhat ALTUN, Oğuzhan UZUN, Mesude ÇİVİLİ, Ayfer KARA), Spain (Romero Corpa, Bárbara,Martín-Serrano Medina, Sofía, Fernández Amaranta,Espinosa Gómez, Belén, Vieco Araújo, Desiree, Castellanos Toledano, Tomás ) and Italy (Francesca Antolini,Giulio Galli, Vittoria Tontini,Vittoria Magi, Dalila Montebelli,Erica Grottoli and Stefano Tamburini) showed their passions for drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery, graphics and ... music. We showed them the most extrordinary places in our town, so they could see how passionate we are about our town. Have a look ...

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