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A slideshow of our week in Poland

From 21 to 28 September 2013 pupils Giulio Galli, Stefano Tamburini, Dalila Montebelli, Erica Grottoli, Vittoria Magi, Vittoria Tontini, Francesca Antolini with the teachers Alberto Sacco, M.Roberta Cappelletti, Isabella Galeazzi, Cinzia Paccaroni and the Headmaster Francesco Leoni, attended the mobility in Poland as part of the Comenius project " My Hometown SPACE".

During the week, teachers and students took part in various activities, including photography, ceramics and graphics workshops.
There was also an exhibition of photographs and graphic and pictorial works on the theme of the project: the concept of passion in relation to hometown.
The students of Mengaroni presented a few dresses inspired by 50s 60s fashion style which have been part of a fashion show during the opening  of the exhibition.
Of great charm and interest were the visits to the city of Krakow, the silver mine and the path along the Black Trout Audit.
The visit to the extermination camp of Auschwitz-Birchenau finally represented a ​​dramatically evocative and unforgettable experience.
In spite of  winter temperatures, all participants received the warmth of kind and caring local hospitality.
In particular, pupils , staying with the families of the Polish students, were welcomed with great sympathy and helpfulness and had the opportunity to know and share the lifestyle and habits of their peers.
Of great educational value for both teachers and pupils was definitely the comparison between one’s own school system and the one of the host country, between different modes of organization and methods of teaching, especially in the arts field.
The direct and continuous contact with different  nationalities also provided a valuable opportunity for mutual understanding and exchange of ideas on various topics , from education to history, from current economy  to art and literature.
Last but not least, the use of the English language was certainly encouraged by the need to communicate between people of different languages ​​in everyday but also 
educational and professional life.Here below, a few memories...

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