venerdì 26 aprile 2013


From 15 to 20 April, teachers Alberto Sacco, M.Roberta Cappelletti, Isabella Galeazzi and Maria Massa, with the students Chiara Baraccani, Samantha Gurini, Gloria Filippini, Licia Rossi and Daniela Soruceanu attended the mobility in Spain under the project Comenius "My Hometown SPACE".
Our delegation was hosted  by Escuela de Arte "Pedro Almodovar" of Ciudad Real, a town of about 70,000 inhabitants in the heart of La Mancha, theater of the adventures described by Cervantes in his Don Quixote.
The event was also attended by the delegations of the art schools of Tarnowskie Gory in Poland and Osmanye in Turkey.
Together the four schools participated in photography workshops and staged an exhibition of photographs, graphic and painting works  on the theme of their city in relation to the notions of search, passion, ambition, creativity and Europe (English words that make up the acronym SPACE of  title of the project).
Each school has dealt with the common theme with a particular cut relying mainly on the rediscovery  or enhancing of forgotten places and aspects of their own city.
In this case, the Art School Mengaroni set their own work on the enhancement of  the 6 Ms traditionally associated with the city of Pesaro (sea, mountains, music, majolica, motorcycles, furniture) starting from ceramics and Art Nouveau architecture of the seaside area, planning the realization of ceramic signals through the streets of the city.
The fashion section has also created dresses inspired by art nouveau and art deco some of which have been part of a mini fashion show during the inauguration of the exhibition, in the presence of the authorities and the local media.
The pupils of the three host countries have experienced very significant staying in families of Spanish students and then getting in touch with the reality of the place, with the customs and lifestyles of their peers.
Of great charm and interest were  the visits to the natural park of Daimiel, the town of Almagro with its Renaissance theatre and the  trip along the route of  Don Quixote among windmills, caves of red earth  and lagoons of  legendary origins.
 The warm kindness and welcome by the Spanish school have made it a pleasant and exciting week for all teachers and students involved , allowing to  establish relationships of great sympathy and friendship that will surely last for a long time.

LUIS' 'PHOTO WORKSHOP : one the best moments with a passionate teacher and a bit of nostalgia for aN artistic  technique at risk of disappearing


                     Isabella is fully satisfied


EXHIBITION: different styles for a common purpose

FASHION SHOW: homage of Poland to Spain,  Liberty inspiration for the Italian dresses, 
Strong emotions  for all the gorgeous model-students and for their teachers.


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